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My approach to treating patients

Jack L Seaquist, M.D. specializes in general orthopedics and surgery with a special interest in joint replacement, sports medicine and biologic healing. Dr. Seaquist has been practicing in Austin since 1977 and is dedicated to providing the best care to his patients by utilizing the most current technology available in orthopedic implants and surgical approaches. Such as: minimally invasive total hip and knee replacement, gender specific implants, hip resurfacing, unicondylar knee replacement, cartiliage regeneration, and arthroscopy of the knee and shoulder. Dr. Seaquist surgically navigates all of his total knee replacements and has performed over 500 of these procedures. Most importantly, he believes that patient education and participation are critical elements to a successful outcome and in improving each patient's quality of life and recovery.

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Contact Information

Medical Park Orthopaedic Clinic 1301 West 38th Medical Park Tower, Suite 102 Austin, TX USA 78705 View map Phone 512-454-4561 Fax 512-467-2906

Other physicians and staff

Jack L. Seaquist,M.D.
Malone V. Hill, M.D.
W. Brad Parker, M.D.
Shelby H. Carter, M.D.
Michael A. Andreo, M.D.
Timothy C. Gueramy, M.D.
Brian T. Norman, PA-C
David W. Manning, MBA, FACMPE
Practice Administrator
Elaine Priestley, Business Office Manager
Bryan R. Vela, Clinical Manager
Debbie Grieger, L.V.N.
Shay Miller, Scheduler
Jeff Benoit, Chief Orthopaedic Technologist

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