Arm, Elbow, Foot and Ankle, Hand and Wrist, Hip, Knee, Low Back, Shoulder, Spine


Arthritis, Arthroscopic Surgery, Deformity, Metabolic Bone Disease, Sports Medicine, Trauma/Fractures, Tumor/Oncology

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My approach to treating patients

I believe in a Personalized approach to your treatment. Sir William Osler once stated that “Medicine is not a Science. It is an Art based upon Sciences” Cookbooks and Cookie Cutters have no place in the diagnosis and treatment of any orthopaedic condition. Your care won’t be managed by Assistants or Nurse Practioners. I personally evaluate and develop your diagnosis. You and I will develop YOUR treatment plan. We will decide which plan offers to do the most FOR you and the least TO you.

Like the other hundred plus Orthopaedic Surgeons in the state if Iowa, I am educated and trained (yes there is a difference) in general Orthopaedic Surgery. I provide nearly a full range of Orthopaedic care to patients of all ages.

In addition, I am one of only a handful of Orthopaedic Surgeons who are additionally educated and trained in Pediatric Orthopaedics. As a Fellowship Trained Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, I am able to provide diagnostic, non-operative and operative care for the Orthopaedic problems affecting children and adolescents. I am the only surgeon in private practice in Iowa that provides non-operative and operative care for scoliosis and hip dysplasia.

This heavy involvement with the pediatric populations has lead to an office environment summarized by the quote from Ludwig Borne.

“You won’t understand children unless you, yourself, have a childish heart;

You won’t know how to treat them unless you love them;

And you won’t love them unless you, yourself, are lovable.”

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Contact Information

Lindaman Orthopaedics 6000 University Ave Ste 315 West Des Moines, IA USA 50266 View map Phone 515-225-6673 Fax 515-225-6574

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My Staff and their Emails

Jan Kirk Office Manager
Anne Lindaman Registered Nurse
Julie Kneale Radiology Tech

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