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My approach to treating patients

Welcome to Dr. Jeffrey J. Sabin's Web Site!

An experienced physican with over 26 years of specialization in orthopedics, I take a personal interactive approach to patient care. Precision Orthopedics maintains the traditional individualized approach to patient care and is not overwhelming in bureaucracy. Each patient must be approached as an individual as each person has unique issues that affect their life in different ways. Whether one is dealing with spine problems, hip or knee problems or other orthopedic issues- education is the key. Once the patient understands the pathophysiology and the natural history of their complaint, they become an integral part of the decision making process.

Although I subspecialize in spinal disorders, deformity and spine surgery (to include minimally invasive techniques), I continue to practice general orthopedics and have a large joint replacement patient population (including resurfacing).

The vast majority of orthopedic problems are not life threatening and therefore various methods of conservative treatment modes can be explored before surgery comes to the forefront. Open lines of communication between patient and surgeon as well as your primary care physician lead to a meaningful and effective visit to our office.

I take pride in providing personalized care for my patients and try to give all patients the attention they deserve. It is not uncommon for me to call patients or return phone calls in the evening when more time can be spent discussing your othopedic situation. My staff likewise is easy to talk to and readily returns calls. Thank you for visiting my website! We welcome you to have us evaluate your orthopedic issues. If you would like to learn more about my practice at Precision Orthopedics please click the "Patient Information and Office Forms" button on this website.

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Contact Information

Precision Orthopedics P.C. 255 Union Boulevard, Suite 360 Lakewood, CO USA 80228 View map Phone (303) 963-4300 Fax (303) 963-4301

Other staff in my practice

Diane runs the front desk with over 29 years of experience. She is fluent in Spanish, an expert on your insurance, and can help you with all administrative issues.

Tom Menshenfriend our Physcian's Assistant, has over 17 years experience in spine, sports and general orthopedics. He also, will provide expert advice and service as to your orthopedic issues. Tom may be the person who sees you initially or on follow-up visits, although I usually will personally also see you on those visits. We collaborate on any recommended treatments. Tom often will assist me in surgery.

Mary Ellen Shearn R.N. is my right hand in the office. Besides being a registered nurse, she also assists in surgery and therefore is very familiar with each patient's condition. Mary Ellen (aka "Peachie") has been in the practice for the last 17 years. Patients love the attention and concern that she adds to their care. She can answer many questions you may have but will refer those questions on to me if needed. Peachie is also my surgical scheduler and assists on patient education. Many questions you have about an upcoming surgery can be addressed to her.

Mark, our X-ray technologist with 22 years experience, is the most efficient person in the field. Mark has worked with me for the last 18 years. He will help you with any imaging questions you may have. He also will welcome and escort you into the exam room and get you ready for your exam.

Jim is the Practice Manager with over 22 years of experience. He can address any issues you may have so as to help make your Precision experience most helpful.

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