How to Subscribe to Animations Supplied by Swarm Interactive

Orthopaedic animations from Swarm Interactive can now be integrated into your Personal Physician and Group Practice (OrthoDoc) Web Sites provided by AAOS.

Simply follow these instructions. Swarm Interactive has granted all OrthoDoc users a 30% discount off their normal list prices.

1.Point your web browser to
2.Click on Signup Now.
3.Enter your contact information (name and email address)
4.In the SIGNUP CODE field, enter AAOS. You must enter AAOS to receive the 30% discount off of Swarm Interactive’s list price.
5.Choose a username and password for your Swarm Interactive account that you can easily remember.
6.In the PRACTICE INFORMATION section, enter the practice name and address that you want displayed to the patients and public who view your animations.
7.In the WEB ADDRESS, enter your web site address*.
8.Then enter your billing contact information.
9.Please read the acceptance terms and conditions and click the box to confirm your agreement.
10.Click Continue.
11.The animation selection screen will now be displayed. Select as many animations as you want. You can view animations by clicking the eye icon next to the name. The monthly price will be displayed on the left side of the page.
12.When you are done, click Continue.
13.The billing screen is displayed next. Select a payment option.
a. Credit card orders are approved immediately.
b. Payment by check is available on an annual basis and accounts are activated when the check has been received.
*If you later change your OrthoDoc web site address, you will also have to change it in the Swarm Interactive maintenance screen.

Once payment has been made, Swarm Interactive will contact the AAOS Information Services department who will integrate the animations into your OrthoDoc web site. Please allow up to three business days for your animation integration to take effect.

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