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Minimally invasive Total Knee Replacement-Quadriceps Sparing

The minimally invasive approach to Total Knee Replacement Surgery is defined as having a skin incision as 14 centimeters or less. The standard approach to Total Knee Replacement may be twice as long or more. More importantly, however, the Quadriceps sparing approach is one which allows the implant to be placed in the knee without cutting into the quadriceps tendon allowing for early ambulation without cane, less blood loss, less pain and quicker recovery.

  Quad Sparing/Minimally Invasive Standard
Ambulation-No Cane Average 2 weeks Average 2-3 months
Blood Loss Average 2-3 mgs/ml Hemoglobin Average 5-6 mgs/ml
Blood Transfusion Never* possible
Pain Less -VAS Scale and less Narcotics  
Stand One Leg Average 10 days Average 2 months
Physical Therapy Average 2 months Average 4-6 months
Hospital Stay Average 2 days Average 4 days
*Could occur

Most of the benefits of this approach, as opposed to a standard approach, occur during surgery and in the early weeks and months following surgery. At 6 months this is no clinical difference, necessarily with the approach utilized.

This approach requires an evolution by the surgeon to maximize outcomes; special courses and training and special instruments to place the components are needed and ordered for surgery, respectively. The actual implant is the same as would be in the “standard” approach.

Visit our facebook page at, where you can view multiple patients who had a “Quad Sparing” total knee replacement by Dr Bennett who are walking post-operative day one and two.