Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs), Second Opinions

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My approach to treating patients

This website is not an "advertisement", nor is it to be construed as a solicitation for referrals. Its purpose is solely to provide useful and necessary information to individuals who have already been referred to my office and/or those offices that are already utilizing the professional services I provide, or who might plan to do so in the future. Also it might be useful to those who may have "stumbled" into this site seeking orthopaedic/medical advice, so I have included a number of links that could be helpful in learning about orthopaedic diagnoses or problems. I would emphasize that the links to AAOS material provide information of a general nature as prepared by various subcommittees of the Academy. They are neither intended to be comprehensive treatises on the topics they discuss, nor do they, in every instance, contain information with which I fully agree. They do serve as good starting points towards the understanding of various problems, but no patient, physician or attorney should rely in an absolute fashion on a single reference from an internet site, no matter how trustworthy the source. Differences of opinion regarding diagnosis, causality and treatment do exist within the medical profession. These references are to opinions of a general nature and I would certainly recommend that any review of the material in these links be followed by a discussion with a physician.

After more than thirty years of a general orthopaedic trauma and surgical practice at St. Joseph's Hospital in Paterson and the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, (during which time I had also held appointments as Clinical Assistant Professor at the Cornell Medical School and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey), my focus has changed to a non-surgical, office oriented, consultative practice.

The majority of the examinations I carry out at this time are performed for the purpose of evaluation of complaints attributed to accident cases that are involved in litigation. I also offer second opinions, and am available to discuss treatment recommendations as well as to arrange for appropriate referrals to specialists in the field of orthopaedics or other ABMS recognized fields. Requests for consultative services regarding medical problems that fall within the scope of orthopaedics are also honored.

Individuals who have been referred for an evaluation or second opinion should be prepared to offer a complete medical and injury history and to have a complete orthopaedic physical examination performed, as necessitated by their complaints and diagnoses. Therefore since they most likely will be asked to at least partially disrobe before donning an examining gown, they are asked to dress appropriately. Patients are also asked to borrow and bring with them all films from previous imaging studies (such as MRI, CT and X-Ray).

Non English-speaking examinees or their representatives should call the office well before the scheduled appointment time to assure that there will be an employee present who will be able to translate. If there will not be one, then it is the responsibility of the person being examined to be certain that a competent translator will be present.

The AAOS has prepared a great deal of current and generally reliable patient information material about all aspects of musculo-skeletel disease, and I am pleased to make it available through this website. Please click on the "Library" link on the top of this page in order to access these resources. AAOS opinions and/or the opinions that might be found in these references, do not necessarily reflect my own opinions and experience, and I might not always rely upon them.

I also urge any patient seeking "new" or alternative therapies, or has been given a recommendation that seems "too good to be true", to first check the link to Quackwatch.

Firms planning to refer patients who are involved in litigation for evaluation, should be assured that my services are not restricted to examinations for either plaintiff or defendant, but are equally available to all.

Various forms from my office can be viewed, and if desired, downloaded and printed from the "Various Forms" link above.

In order to best serve the needs of the medico-legal system with respect to scheduling of depositions, testimony, examinations and trial, I also post a link to my most current schedule of availability, as well as the dates of anticipated absences from the office on that page.

Policies regarding the taking of a history and an explanation of what the examinee might expect are also available as is my CV.

Revised 8 May 2011

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