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Espace Médical VAUBAN 2A avenue de Ségur Paris, FRA 75007 docteurfontes@noos.fr Get directions on Google » Phone +33153598806 Fax +33153598801
9H - 18H
14H - 18H
CMC Paris V - Clinique du Sport 36, Boulevard Saint Marcel Paris, FRA 75005 docteurfontes@noos.fr Get directions on Google » Phone 33 (0)1 40 79 42 06 Fax 33 (0)1 40 79 40 43
bloc opératoire
consultation : 8H-12H30
bloc op: 8H-13H / consult: 14H-20H
Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou - Service SOS Mains 20-40 rue Leblanc Paris, France 75015 Get directions on Google » Phone (33)(0)1 56 09 32 74
consult./bloc op : 8H-13H


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Espace Médical VAUBAN 2A avenue de Ségur Paris, FRA 75007 View map Phone +33153598806 Fax +33153598801

My practice of Surgery

Chirurgie exclusive du Membre Supérieur - CHIRURGIE du SPORT

No orthopaedic surgeon practices without the support of a professional team and I am certainly no exception!
I am pleased to introduce you to my highly trained and eager treatment team that makes everything possible.
Additional physicians in my practice:
- In Hand, Shoulder & Sport Paris Institute: Dr Philippe Roure, Dr Christian Couturier, Dr Gilles Cohen
- in the ESPACE MEDICAL VAUBAN: Dr Guillaume PARIS (Sports Physician and medical staff of PSG Soccer Team), Dr Alexis Savigny (Professional Sport Medecine Specialist, Stade Français Rugby Team) and Dr Luc Kerboull, Orthopedic surgeon specialist in joint replacement.
- in Sports Clinic of Paris: Dr Yoann Bohu medical staff of Racing Metro Rugby Team.
Highly trained (Locoregional Anesthesiologits, Interventional Radiologists, orthopaedic nurses; physical therapists; nurse practitioners; administrative experts etc...) and my Assistant Nathalie stand ready to participate in providing you with the highest quality of care.
We all work in collaboration with international teams such as Dr Hakim Chalabi and Dr Philippe Landreau (QATAR ORTHOPAEDIC AND SPORTS MEDICINE HOSPITAL- DOHA Qatar), Dr Bruno LUSSIEZ (IM2S - MONACO), Pr Paco Biosca (Chelsea Football Club medical manager), Pr Frédéric Khiami (Pitié Salpetriere Hospital - Paris France)...
Together, we are committed to providing the best possible orthopaedic care to our rapidly growing patient family.

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